Jud Fry in "Oklahoma!" at Dutch Apple Dinner Theater

“Justun Hart is an incredibly intense actor in this part... Hart has made Jud Fry a gritty, gripping character not so much of comedy ("Pore Jud is Daid") as of Freudian subconscious sexuality and barely controlled violence. It's a real relief to see Jud as a person, not just the clownish-but-dangerous figure of evil. Hart is probably the most effective Jud Fry this author has seen in years. It's a privilege to watch him work”



-Marakay Rogers of BroadwayWorld.com


"Justun Hart portrays the sinister Jud Fry, and this is a role where I applaud the actor for taking this character to a new level. Many times, I have seen Jud played as a misunderstood character, but in Dutch Apple’s production, Hart gives a compelling performance as the tormented Jud Fry. As soon as Hart enters the stage, audiences can see Jud’s torment. Hart brings out the dark and threatening air of this character, and his vocal in “Lonely Room” is the strongest in the production. As much as I enjoyed Oklahoma!, I thought Hart’s performance, in particular, was exceptional and unique to any production I have seen previously."


-Kelli Curtin at Theatresensation.com


"An argument can be made that the nefarious Jud Fry ("Lonely Room") is the most interesting character in the whole play.

He's a temperamental loner who has become fixated on Laurey.

Dutch Apple's Jud is Justun Hart, an imposing fellow whose wild eyes and jittery mannerisms convincingly project a scarily short fuse. The deeply disturbed Fry almost certainly has murdered people who displeased him in the past, and he definitely is not the sort of guy who easily accepts rejection."


-David Dunkle at Pennlive.com

Adam in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" at Dutch Apple Dinner Theater


"Justun Hart, though recently out of school, delivers a solid Adam, responsible for the best known song in the show, 'Bless Your Beautiful Hide'... Gideon's trio with Adam and Milly, 'Love Never Goes Away' (not in the original film) is an outstanding performance by the three singers... "




"In the role of Adam Pontipee is Justun Hart. Hart has a strong presence on stage and he starts off the show strong with his song, 'Bless Your Beautiful Hide' and ends the show with his powerful solo 'Am I Stubborn?'"




"As the show opens, Adam (Justun Hart) goes into town to find himself a bride and runs into Milly (Kate Marshall), a feisty waitress. The two agree to get married within a few hours of meeting. Seems they’ve fallen in love... Both Hart and Marshall give lovely performances and even better, there is some nice chemistry bubbling between the two."



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